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Find your automotive parts and accessories at Strictly Auto Parts Marketplace
Find your automotive parts and accessories at Strictly Auto Parts Marketplace

Strictly Auto Parts Marketplace

find the absolute best deals in auto parts

What is Strictly Auto Parts Marketplace?

Strictly Auto Parts Marketplace was created with the goal of connecting small businesses to consumers; bringing awareness to high quality private labels. By eliminating the traditional business to business tiered model, small business brands can grow to build their competitive edge.

Our Marketplace helps buyers understand the importance small businesses put into ensuring the brands they build can be trusted and just as good - if not better - than the big-box brands. 

With the fast changing economy, sellers understand the importance of building a long-lasting product that can stand behind it's brand.

The Marketplace Experience


Shop With Confidence 💳

Our sellers are vetted to deliver brand new automotive parts and accessories for your needs. 

Our sellers undergo a screening process ensuring their products are held to a high standard before selling on the marketplace. 

The Strictly Auto Parts checkout system not only allows for an easy checkout process, but also protects and respects your privacy.

Our customer service is unmatched.

Reward Yourself 🎁

Our new rewards program gives back to our customers. Earn and redeem points with every qualifying purchase on Strictly Auto Parts Marketplace. Get

See below for rewards program details.

Amazing Deals 

The Marketplace gives buyers more choice than ever in finding the best deals on automotive parts and accessories from our Marketplace sellers. Shop, compare, and get the best price for what you need - right here. 

How It Works

  • Find the right parts or accessories for your vehicle

  • Proceed to checkout

  • Receive your order and enjoy!


Sell With Confidence  👍

Partnered Vendors can start selling without having to create their own website

Partnered Vendors need not to worry about negotiating competitive rates with courier companies; we offer our preferred Canpar Courier shipping rates.

All sellers can list products in any category that meets their needs.

The Strictly Auto Parts Marketplace allows for sellers to have a safe a smooth transaction between their buyers.

Register to be a seller today! 

Boost Your Sales up

Our platform allows you to sell more without having to create your own website. Selling your auto parts and accessories has never been easier.

Reach Hundreds Of Customers 🌐

The Strictly Auto Parts Marketplace allows sellers to reach hundreds of customers that trust our brands.

How It Works

  • Add your items

  • Fulfill and ship your orders

  • Get paid!

Marketplace Registration


Create an account. Fill in your basic information.


Apply to sell on Strictly Auto Parts Marketplace. Fill in your information and tell us about your business and products.


Choose a rewards plan.

Rewards Tier




Collect points


Redeem points


Coming soon


Once approved, complete your seller profile and connect your payment account.


Happy shopping!



Add your items, set your policies, and start selling!