Alpine\'s King of the Hill - Hummer H3


Frankenstein would be jealous. A fierce blue monster by creation, Alpine Canada’s 2005 Hummer H3, can be sighted from Canadian coast to coast, show to show. The only way to tame this beast is to enjoy its music, crank up the volume, and get blasted by beyond Hummer-sized bass.

Dissect the Hummer, and you’ll find a system built from $100,000 CDN, over 900 hours of man power – to pump 3,000 W of power. The custom outfitting and installation for a system that sounds this clean and tight, but still capable of giving you a bass-attack, comes right down to a science. Meet the scientists who built this from ground zero, Rino Odorico, Alpine Canada’s Product Supervisor; Glen Swackhamer, Alpine Canada’s Product Specialist; and Steve Brown, Alpine USA’s Product Marketing Supervisor. It helps that these gentlemen know more than a thing or two about Alpine when it comes to building a serious car audio, video, navigation system.

In customizing the look and feel, the focus was on the Hummer\'s "boxy" body that fuses its factory bolted on components like the wide fender flares, its large color matching spare tire cover, big and bulky square mirrors, etc., that give it an aggressive look that stands out from the conventional curved and flowing vehicles of today. Although the Hummer itself isn’t curvy, it still incorporates many rounded shapes like the headlight trim in the front grill, fog lights, gauges, heater controls that stick out from the dash by over an inch, and even the exposed gas filler is round! The custom install follows the Hummer’s original look and feel but takes it to an Alpine level. When you look at the box in this install it has curves, amps sticking out from the front of the box, speakers that pop off of the flowing smooth box which they are mounted to. It’s no wonder this Hummer not only sounds aggressive, it looks aggressive! Special thanks to Strictly Auto Parts for supplying additional accessories.

The Hummer is all about driving mobile media solutions, from iPod, to navigation, it’s not just about tantalizing your ears– the Hummer satiates all your senses. A word of caution, if you encounter this monster Hummer, don’t cower and run away, strap yourself in and let it rip.


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